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Take a ride up the Counterbalance to the 5 Spot. Better yet, walk, as penance for the sinfully large feast you're about to consume: Heaping helpings are the 5's franchise. This Queen Anne institution for weekend brunch is one of Chow Foods' original crowd-pleasers. The atmo is upscale diner in large, noisy quarters with cushy booths. Lunch and dinner menus pay tribute to Southwest, New England, Southern, and Northwest cuisines, and a regional American "theme menu" wild card is thrown in for good measure. It's all down-home real-good—the sort of place that makes smoky, sweet, saucy barbecued wings and oily French-fried artichoke hearts with delish bready mushroom "cuzins"—and whatever fails to astonish can still be counted on to satisfy. The full bar sure will. Very popular with families.

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