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Thumbnail for - Hot ’Hoods: Queen Anne
Sep 15, 2010
The extended first-time homebuyer credit helped buoy business into the early summer months, but sales slowed after that. Queen Anne is part of only one area in Seattle that didn’t slow down from...
Thumbnail for - Hot Hoods: Wallingford
Aug 18, 2010
Seattle doesn&rs't require chicken owners to register their little cluckers, so it’s anyone’s guess which nabe has the largest poultry population. But as the home of Seattle Tilth, Wallingford...
Thumbnail for - Slide Show: Best Places to Live 2010
Apr 19, 2010
Here are _Seattle Met_’s picks for the Emerald City’s 15 must-live neighborhoods right now, plus vital stats on the people, property, and parks in 116 communities.
Thumbnail for - A Rail Line Runs Through It
May 22, 2009
When the Sound Transit Link starts running in July between downtown and Tukwila, with Sea-Tac Airport soon to follow, how will development and investment affect Rainier Valley?
Thumbnail for - Growing Pains
Jan 22, 2009
Heady growth, a soaring skyline, and sophisticated amenities reveal a vitality beyond the recent economic malaise. The new Eastside faces new challenges—and new opportunities. Included: Video...
Thumbnail for - Suburban Like Me
Jan 3, 2009
A child of the suburbs finds herself priced out of posh Seattle and lands in lowly Lynnwood—expecting the same sort of white-bread wasteland she left behind.
Listing 11 - 16 of 16 Results