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Thumbnail for - Eastside, Big City
Jan 15, 2009
In this special section we examine the Eastside’s urban and economic challenges, and the opportunities they bring. We profile a developer who can teach Seattle how to create a vital, livable city....
Thumbnail for - Q & A: Bidder’s Market
Jan 14, 2009
Market Watch
A real estate auctioneer talks deals, due diligence, and accidental transactions.
Thumbnail for - The Writing On The Wall
Jan 5, 2009
A besieged Capitol Hill condo gets a fresh coat of paint.
Thumbnail for - Indecent Appraisal
Jan 5, 2009
How WaMu cut out the appraisers who were supposed to safeguard its home loans.
Thumbnail for - Banker's Dream
Jan 5, 2009
Market Voyeurism
What recession? Buy this house and live like there's no tomorrow.
Thumbnail for - Round House, Square Lot
Jan 4, 2009
A West Seattle property requires a targeted marketing strategy.
Thumbnail for - 95 Neighborhoods by the Numbers
Jan 3, 2009
JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE who inhabit them, neighborhoods and towns have personalities. Some are flamboyant and boisterous. Others are laid back and introverted. Our profiles of 15 Seattle and suburban...
Thumbnail for - Where to Live Now
Jan 3, 2009
WHILE THE HOUSING MARKET tumbles in the rest of the country, Seattle’s holding its ground. Home prices are softer, but not plummeting, and that’s good news for a market gone crazy in the last...
Thumbnail for - Common Ground
Jan 3, 2009
Cohousing projects bring residents together, brisk resales.
Listing 61 - 70 of 81 Results