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Thumbnail for - The Move-Up Homebuyers
May 18, 2012
Not long after Jennifer Chiu and Mark Williams were married, they bought a 1,200-square-foot Fremont town house for about $370,000. It was 2003, the beginning of a frothy market, and the young...
Thumbnail for - The Born-Again Renter
May 18, 2012
Annie Jacobsen, a fortysomething relocation consultant, bought her first place in 1999 and traded up five years later to an 1,800-square-foot house near Green Lake. Single and with a pricey...
Thumbnail for - The Investor
May 18, 2012
Back in the boom from 2004 to 2007, investors bought homes to flip—aiming to make money off quick resales to other buyers. In the last two years, according to commercial real estate firm Kidder...
Thumbnail for - Seattle Neighborhoods and Suburbs By the Numbers
May 18, 2012
Behind the Numbers Market Values Median prices and foreclosure counts of homes and condominiums in King County were supplied by the King County Assessor’s office and calculated by the King...
Thumbnail for - Seattle-Area Rentals By the Numbers
May 18, 2012
Seattle Neighborhoods and Suburbs By the Numbers
Thumbnail for - The Rental Virgin
May 18, 2012
Dan McManus, a bike and snowboard mechanic who recently moved here from Connecticut to take a job at REI’s flagship store, knew he didn’t sound like such a good renter when he arrived in April:...
Thumbnail for - The Math: Downtown Housing by the Numbers
Mar 23, 2012
A breakdown of downtown Seattle housing: numbers of residents, condos, and more.
Thumbnail for - One Woman’s Quest to Solarize Magnolia
Jan 25, 2012
Magnolia will be the site of Northwest Seed’s next Solarize campaign, thanks in large part to Pam Lewis, chair of Sustainable Magnolia.
Thumbnail for - Seattle’s 10 Greatest Homes
Dec 16, 2011
Six design experts choose the most outstanding houses in the city’s history.
Thumbnail for - Turn the Viaduct into a Park
Sep 21, 2011
A suggestion from park supporters: Salvage part of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and convert it into public green space, a la New York City’s High Line.
Listing 11 - 20 of 88 Results