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Thumbnail for - Candidate Ratings 2013: Port Commissioner
Jul 30, 2013
We're not telling you how to vote, but ...
Thumbnail for - PubliCola Picks: "Yes" on the Seattle School Levies
Jan 23, 2013
PubliCola picks "yes" on two Seattle school levies for the February 12 election.
Thumbnail for - PubliCola Picks No on Charter Schools
Oct 29, 2012
Our final batch of endorsements. Some no-brainers (vote for Cantwell) and some big issues: Reject I-1240.
Thumbnail for - PubliCola Picks Noel Frame and Sylvester Cann. And Jay Inslee.
Oct 19, 2012
We urge you to vote for two young Democrats.
Thumbnail for - PubliCola Picks Yes on King County Prop 1 and Seattle Prop 1 (and Reject I-1185)
Oct 18, 2012
PubliCola picks: Yes on King County and Seattle Props. 1.
Thumbnail for - PubliCola Picks Jessyn Farrell
Oct 17, 2012
Go with the green in the 46th.
Thumbnail for - Vote for Finkbeiner, Wyman, Watkins, and Ferguson
Oct 16, 2012
We urge you to vote for three Republicans and one Democrat.
Thumbnail for - Reject 8221. Approve 8223. And a Round of Applause Please for Ending the Big Bank Loophole
Oct 15, 2012
We say vote No on 8221 and vote Yes on 8823. Plus: A round of applause please for ending the big bank loophole.