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Thumbnail for - Godden Quotes Her Hairdresser
Apr 28, 2011
Thursday Edition (it's packed): Godden campaign kickoff; Inslee campaign rally; pro-tunnel contributions; McGinn calls in the police; Richard McIver in the hospital; and more.
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Apr 27, 2011
Wednesday Fizz: Sen. Ed Murray and Planned Parenthood; Rep. Reuven Carlyle and the transportation budget; Sen. Rodney Tom and education reform.
Thumbnail for - Both Sides Agree on Cuts
Apr 26, 2011
Tuesday Edition: Health care workers fight cuts; legislature allows private transit to access transit lanes; Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith sends a message to the community; and we hype today's ThinkTank.
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Apr 25, 2011
Monday Edition: Swing votes; the special session in Olympia; and Shakespeare at Seattle Center.
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Apr 22, 2011
Friday Edition: If you watch one TV show all year, this has to be it. Yesterday's state house ways and means committee hearing starring tax loopholes vs. social services. (Rep. Eric Pettigrew,...
Thumbnail for - "The Governor Could Do That Tomorrow."
Apr 21, 2011
Thursday Edition: Seriously kids, this is a packed Fizz. We kinda want to nominate ourselves for a Morning Fizz Pulitzer for this one. McKenna on state employees; Licata on Chihuly; Carlyle on the...
Thumbnail for - It's Nearly Impossible
Apr 20, 2011
Wednesday Edition: The city cracks down on garbage; the GOP cracks down on undocumented immigrants; Rob McKenna campaigns on campus; Nick Licata at One Pot; and more.
Thumbnail for - Paying Almost $328 Million in State Taxes
Apr 19, 2011
Tuesday Edition: Undocumented immigrants; Pioneer Square upzone; light rail; poetry; and ThinkTank Tuesday.
Thumbnail for - Something the Council Won't Be Doing
Apr 18, 2011
Monday Edition: Protesters in Olympia; Howard Schultz at city hall (NBA in Oklahoma); upzone in Pioneer Square?; and congestion on the waterfront.
Thumbnail for - When You Adjust for Inflation
Apr 15, 2011
Friday Edition: a state spending math lesson; a compromise; a comparison between the deep bore tunnel and the I/5 surface option; a reaction from Mayor McGinn to Pete Holmes' other lawsuit; and a...
Listing 781 - 790 of 1217 Results