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Thumbnail for - Also on Hand, SPD Chief John Diaz
Feb 28, 2011
Monday Fizz: Weekend photos; insider trading?; props to Norm Dicks; and Chief Diaz in the house.
Thumbnail for - Statement of Legislative Intent
Feb 25, 2011
Fizz looks at the 45 formal demands passed by the city council and sent to the mayor and his departments. Also going rogue at Seattle schools.
Thumbnail for - Repeal Hundreds of Tax Exemptions
Feb 24, 2011
Thursday fizz: Jeanne Kohl-Welles introduces tax loophole repeal; Mayor McGinn's wife's bike is stolen; more on the schools scandal; and for demography nerds only.
Thumbnail for - Other Capital Projects
Feb 23, 2011
Wednesday Fizz: NBA conspiracy theories; Wal-Mart conspiracy theories; contrived shout outs; and real shout outs.
Thumbnail for - The Highlight for Many Male Lobbyists
Feb 22, 2011
Tuesday Fizz: Godden's counterattack; Elizabeth Kucinich; Tea Party rhetoric in Vancouver; eliminating state employee bargaining rights ... in Washington State; and pro-car bias.
Thumbnail for - Baseball Analogy
Feb 21, 2011
The case against corporate tax loopholes.
Thumbnail for - Mostly Bad News
Feb 17, 2011
Thursday Fizz: Protests; budget deals; sightings; nuisances; surprises; and choices. (Photo, Copyright Sean Balch 2011).
Thumbnail for - "This Isn't Only a Jewish Concern."
Feb 17, 2011
Friday Fizz: Morning prayers; Murray vs. McGinn; Murray vs. his caucus; the U-Pass; the return of Joe Mallahan; and more.
Thumbnail for - The Emails Were Fakes
Feb 16, 2011
Wednesday Fizz: No charges against Birk; No hearing in the senate education committee; no verisimilitude; no support required.
Thumbnail for - A Combo of Smart Growth and Affordable Housing
Feb 15, 2011
Tuesday Fizz: Another City Council candidate makes it official; phasing out coal; amending a voter-approved initiative; and today's important metaphor.
Listing 781 - 790 of 1175 Results