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Thumbnail for - Yesterday we saw some real campaign strategy...
Jul 1, 2011
1. Since the defeat of last year's liquor privatization initiatives, both sides have taken steps to sweeten their side of the deal for the imminent Round II on the ballot this fall.  First came...
Thumbnail for - Apparently there is a ($500 MILLION) real estate challenge
Jun 30, 2011
1. Steve Ballmer spoke to the Seattle Rotary yesterday.  He defended his record as Microsoft's CEO and seemingly leaked some early quarterly results.  What was also noted was that he went into...
Thumbnail for - We are going to have a tough, close Governor's race.
Jun 29, 2011
Watch for Think Tank later today.  Josh and Erica reminded us it runs on Tuesday.  Sorry!  The writers? City Councilmember Bruce Harrell and  his opponent Brad Meacham.  Should be good. 1....
Thumbnail for - Only 498 Days to Go
Jun 27, 2011
Monday Edition: Guest Fizz on Inslee and gay marriage.
Thumbnail for - As Has Been Widely Predicted
Jun 24, 2011
Morning Fizz: Inslee for governor, Inslee against gays?, Bobby Forch on police accountability, and allowing more density.
Thumbnail for - The Anti-Woman Label
Jun 23, 2011
Morning Fizz: Republican women, identical press releases, paid sick leave, and Cola on KUOW.
Thumbnail for - An Initiative to Legalize, Sell, and Tax Pot
Jun 22, 2011
Wednesday Edition: Endorsing candidates; criticizing likely candidates; contributing to ballot measures; tweeting from transit conferences; and legalizing pot.
Thumbnail for - Twitter Must Be a White Man
Jun 21, 2011
Tuesday Edition: Obama wimps out, but not Cantwell; Twitter gaffe (Seattle version); conservative Democrat announces for WA secretary of state; and the WA Bus.
Thumbnail for - His Numbers Were Faulty
Jun 20, 2011
Monday Edition: vehicle license fees; McKenna's math; and the Families and Education Levy.
Thumbnail for - "Prejudicial and Confusing"
Jun 17, 2011
Friday Edition: Morning Quotes
Listing 771 - 780 of 1252 Results