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Thumbnail for - Seahawks Superfan: Seahulk
Aug 19, 2014
The first thing Tim Froemke noticed when he showed up to compete at the NPC National Bodybuilding Championships in 2008 was the lack of cameras. And when he asked the other tanned, oiled, and...
Thumbnail for - Seahawks Superfan(s): Hawkychick and Cannonball
Aug 18, 2014
If not for Kenny Easley, Laura Carter might never have become a Seahawks fan. See, back in the ’80s, when the badass defensive back was at the height of his career with the Hawks, Laura still...
Thumbnail for - Seahawks Superfan: Kiltman
Aug 18, 2014
Like so many other origin stories, the legend of Kiltman starts with heartbreak (and Mel Gibson). In the midst of a divorce in the late ’90s that left him with little more than his Seahawks...
Thumbnail for - Seahawks Superfan: Mr. Mohawk
Aug 18, 2014
Pity the poor fan with a seat in the shadow of Phil Andruss. Not because Andruss is six foot five and rarely sits down, although that does technically make the rows behind him “obstructed view.”...
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Aug 15, 2014
Some Seahawks fans paint themselves from head to toe, dress up like characters from sci-fi movies, and generally act like complete lunatics. This season before heading to the CLink, we could all...
Thumbnail for - Latasha Haskins, The Biggest Winner
Aug 1, 2014
The Renton native is out to realign perceptions of beauty with her new plus-size pageant.
Thumbnail for - The Director: Kate Becker
Apr 1, 2014
The new director of the Seattle Office of Film and Music aims to pick up where her beloved predecessor left off.
Thumbnail for - C. R. Douglas Has Loved Politics Forever
Nov 1, 2013
Q13’s ace political reporter was quite the well-informed grade schooler. Like, he could name all nine Supreme Court justices by age 10.
Thumbnail for - Judy Travis Is the 21st Century Video Star
May 22, 2013
Seattle’s most prolific vlogger lives her life in front of (and behind) the camera.
Listing 1 - 10 of 31 Results