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Thumbnail for - Ivar’s Shares its Clams
Aug 10, 2009
Only 21 more days to take advantage of the win-win deal of the summer. Now til the end of August, bring your extra canned, non-perishable, and unopened food to any Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant in...
Thumbnail for - Chic Cheek to Cheek
Aug 10, 2009
New Capitol Hill restaurant the Tin Table is where the smart set goes to get a kick from champagne.
Thumbnail for - Big Night for Abruzzo
Aug 6, 2009
So you’re a hungry foodie with a social conscience and an operatic soul…and you have nothing to do tonight. Here’s one for ya: Go to The Crocodile around 6pm for a gala dinner prepared by the...
Thumbnail for - Got Corn? All the Best Restaurants Do
Aug 5, 2009
This week you can’t swing a flaxen husk without hitting a plate of corn, now appearing in various candy-sweet guises all over town. We ordered white corn as a sidedish at Monsoon, where it arrived...
Thumbnail for - Holly Smith on Iron Chef
Aug 3, 2009
Starting Sunday, October 4, one of our local culinary treasures will launch her bid to become the next Iron Chef. Holly Smith, former Tom Douglas protege who went on to greatness of her own at...
Thumbnail for - Stunning Dinner at Poppy
Jul 29, 2009
Popped in for an impromptu dinner at Poppy the other night—and would have had our socks knocked off. Had we been wearing socks. Here’s the thing: We knew chef Jerry Traunfeld was a perfectionist....
Thumbnail for - Need a Restaurant Recommendation? Step into my Parlor…
Jul 24, 2009
Dear Critic, We—like every other Seattle household in July—have a houseful of out-of-towners. Aaaaaargh! We need to get them out of here! Can you suggest a very good brunch (they’re food snobs)...
Thumbnail for - Midsummer Night’s Dessert Party
Jul 22, 2009
Northwest foodophiles know the name Cory Shreiber, the genius who helped kick off the farm-to-table movement with his seminal Wildwood Restaurant in Portland. He left Wildwood last year, now...
Thumbnail for - Outstanding in the Field
Jul 20, 2009
There are still tix left for one of the outstanding food events of the Seattle year—Outstanding in the Field. This series of dinners—the enterprise of a couple of culinary adventurers who seek to...
Thumbnail for - The Ultimate Beach Guide
Jul 20, 2009
Where to swim, paddle, hike, and hunt for treasure in the sand: Here are Washington’s 15 best beach destinations.
Listing 591 - 600 of 779 Results