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Thumbnail for - Marination Mobile Colonizes Columbia City
May 12, 2010
Marination Mobile, the roving purveyor of happy Korean/Hawaiian food, has added a Sunday location to its schedule. The big blue truck is heading to Columbia City. Starting Sunday, May 16 from 11...
Thumbnail for - Burger Mania!
May 11, 2010
New burger joints, most in Seattle’s northerly latitudes.
Thumbnail for - Scene: Sip at the Wine Bar
May 11, 2010
The downtown wine bar on Fifth Avenue combines the underlit stylishness and pulsing soundtrack of a crammed nightclub with a menu that so delivers on the current obsessions of the almighty taste...
Thumbnail for - Urban Farmhouse
May 11, 2010
Seth Caswell’s farm-to-table menu at Queen Anne restaurant Emmer and Rye begins with pure ingredients and ends with reasonable prices.
Thumbnail for - Big Love
May 10, 2010
For Seattle polyamorists, love is a many-partnered thing. And managing the jealousy is a full-time job.
Thumbnail for - Where Do Restaurant Pros Go on Their Night Off?
May 10, 2010
Certain places around town have long held appeal for restaurant industry folk. Tavolata. Palace Kitchen. Elemental @ Gasworks. The bar at Union. Now an Eastlake bakery/cafe, Louisa’s, is making a...
Thumbnail for - What’s Better than a Waiter Who Knows Food?
May 5, 2010
Meet Mitch from Queen Anne Hill’s Emmer & Rye. (Right now you wish you could see a picture of Mitch…but what kind of restaurant critic goes around snapping pictures in a restaurant? A busted...
Thumbnail for - Best Wine Bar in the Country Is Right Here in Seattle
May 4, 2010
So harmonic convergence time: The Local Vine has picked up top honors from Luxist readers as Best Wine Bar in the USA. And the lauded wine bar’s high-rise apartment building landed on the front...
Thumbnail for - Mother’s Day Critic’s Picks
Apr 28, 2010
Let’s face it: Mom digs a little flirtation between courses. “I may be old and married, but I’m not blind,” she says. With disturbing frequency in fact. So trust us, as long as the food’s up to a...
Thumbnail for - Taste at SAM Celebrates Three Year Anniversary
Apr 27, 2010
Taste has done more to support locavorism in its three-year life than many restaurants twice its age. Almost 90 percent of its ingredients are local and organic. Come celebrate all that, and...
Listing 591 - 600 of 887 Results