Kathryn Robinson

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Thumbnail for - Are There Five More Deflating Words in the English Language Than: “Closed for a Private Party?”
Aug 21, 2014
The answer, hungry people, is no. So why is it happening so much more lately?
Thumbnail for - What Do You Say When the Waiter Asks, “How is Everything?”
Aug 18, 2014
Reflections on the most loaded question in dining.
Thumbnail for - Humble Pie: Not the Only Seattle Restaurant with a Chicken Coop
Aug 14, 2014
Because kitchen’s just chicken spelled sideways.
Thumbnail for - How to Name a Restaurant
Aug 11, 2014
In Seattle these days, it couldn’t be easier. Check our handy formula!
Thumbnail for - S’mores are Popping up All Over Dessert Menus
Aug 7, 2014
Just three shopping days left till National S’mores Day, people. Do you know where you’re celebrating?
Thumbnail for - Portland vs. Seattle: Who’s Got the Biggest Badass Chef?
Aug 4, 2014
Find out tomorrow night when Jason Wilson of Miller’s Guild and Greg Denton of Portland’s Ox go mano a mano on Knife Fight.
Thumbnail for - Brimmer and Heeltap's Unlikely Harmony
Aug 1, 2014
There’s a mismatched sensibility to this welcoming Ballard newcomer. But when chef Mike Whisenhunt’s in the kitchen, who cares?
Thumbnail for - Recently Reviewed
Aug 1, 2014
Five spots where we're eating this month.
Thumbnail for - Broverwhelmed: Gender Disparity in Seattle
Aug 1, 2014
Seattle’s got a glut of guys, with more on the way. The reactions of Seattle women? Not what you’d expect.
Thumbnail for - Humble Pie: A Slice of Utopia
Aug 1, 2014
Not even the Space Needle delivers a stiffer shot of Seattle.
Listing 11 - 20 of 800 Results