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Critic's Notebook

How Well Do You Know Your Seattle Restaurants?

A quiz for serious gastronomes

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This Neighborhood Is About to Get a Farmers Market

You were already a little jealous of this district. Now you’ll be going there on Saturdays.

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Which Seattle Chef Will Cook at the Milan Expo?

The theme of this world’s fair is feeding the planet sustainably. Hint hint.

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Back Fence

Crows Attack in Seattle

It’s spring. It’s fledgling season. Beware your neighborhood murder of crows.

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Seattle Restaurants with Lofts

Because there’s just something about dining upstairs.

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35 Essential Seattle Dining Experiences

In no particular order: Seattle Met’s list of dining experiences so exquisite, so iconic, so quintessential to living here—you can’t call yourself a Seattleite and miss ’em.

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Lark. Slab. Bitter. Raw.

John Sundstrom’s new location fits three eateries in one stunning space.

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By Far the Best Thing to Have with a Sandwich Is…

…running like a river through Mammoth on Eastlake.

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What’s Your Food Fear?

C’mon, fess up. Everybody has one.

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Where to Dine on Dining Out for Life Day…

…to best benefit Lifelong’s HIV/AIDS relief programs

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Stateside’s Eric Johnson Talks About Fusion

What is it, anyway?

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Critic’s Picks for Seattle Restaurant Week

There’s a lot of good eating on this list.

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Seattle Restaurants with Outdoor Fire Pits

The great one at Manolin might be the newest, but check out these others.

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Will Eliminating Tips Eliminate Good Service?

What we can expect from Ivar’s bold move.

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Stateside: Don’t Call It Fusion

At Stateside, Michelin-starred chef Eric Johnson offers an edible primer on Vietnam’s culinary convergences.

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Meat, Bread, and Beer at Mammoth

Here’s to untidy pleasures.

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Manolin Lights Up in Fremont

The enchanting haunt channels lower latitudes, serving small portions of fish and copious amounts of spirits around outdoor fire pits.

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Back Fence

50 Years, 50 Fears

One woman’s quest to face her demons in one big scary year.

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Critic's Notebook

What Makes a Menu Great?

And which restaurant in Seattle hits it out of the park

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Dine Around Seattle 2015: You’ve Got Four More Days, Folks

Where I would spend them if I were a civilian

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