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Thumbnail for - Density Triumphs in Seattle
Oct 1, 2014
A Wallingford development is criticized for being too small, spurring the city council to mandate new laws requiring more height and density for Seattle.
Thumbnail for - Federal Judge Ponders City Fee on Developers
Sep 26, 2014
Is the city's affordable housing fee fair?
Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: Park(ing) Day Tomorrow. Stop by PubliCola's SwaPark
Sep 18, 2014
50 pop-up parks commandeer streets of Seattle tomorrow.
Thumbnail for - Tuesday Jolt: Mayor Murray Threatens to Veto Restrictive aPodment Legislation
Sep 16, 2014
Murray sends letter to council warning against series of amendments.
Thumbnail for - Isn't It Weird That: Activists Don't Want Growth, but Want the Money That Comes with It?
Sep 15, 2014
A weird thing we noticed about the Seattle Displacement Coalition.
Thumbnail for - Pedestrian Chronicles: Fed Grants Announced. No Ped Bridge, No Burke-Gilman Fixes
Sep 12, 2014
Oil spill protection for Makah and $20 million Port of Seattle upgrades make list.
Thumbnail for - One Question: What if Voters Reject McCleary Funding Plan?
Sep 11, 2014
Would voters be in contempt of court if they reject a legislative K-12 funding plan?
Thumbnail for - Jolt: WA Supreme Court Says State is in "Contempt" for Not Fully Funding K-12 Schools
Sep 11, 2014
Unanimous Court ruling gives legislature one last chance.
Thumbnail for - Questioning the Urban Archipelago
Sep 9, 2014
Why the Democrats are screwed
Thumbnail for - Local Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Eclipses XL Pipeline
Sep 9, 2014
Sightline Study frames Pacific NW as Ground Zero in fight against fossil fuel exports.
Listing 21 - 30 of 3290 Results