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Thumbnail for - Council Candidates File Latest Fundraising Reports
Mar 11, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring the latest fundraising numbers in this year's council elections
Thumbnail for - Republicans vs. Science, Grant vs. Burgess
Mar 10, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring the great climate change debate and the inconsistent politics of Seattle
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Jolt: City to Scrutinize Shell Deal at Port
Mar 9, 2015
Democrats put GOP on the spot, and city puts Port of Seattle on the spot.
Thumbnail for - Democratic Amendment Forces Issue on Climate Change
Mar 9, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring amendments, endorsements, and conversation starters
Thumbnail for - One Question: Is There Any Common Ground on Affordable Housing?
Mar 6, 2015
A conversation with King County Labor Council leader David Freiboth
Thumbnail for - Friday Likes and Dislikes: Oil Trains, Megaphones, and Street Uses
Mar 6, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring the state house, the city council, and the Department of Planning and Development
Thumbnail for - Unlikely Allies: Sawant and Developers?
Mar 5, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring a letter to the housing affordability task force
Thumbnail for - One Question for the Mayor: Did He Send Godden to Shut Down Sawant Amendment?
Mar 4, 2015
Murray's awkward alliance with Jean Godden
Thumbnail for - Council Candidate Advocating Foreclosure Protections Bought Foreclosed Home
Mar 4, 2015
City council candidate Jonathan Grant lives in a home that his parents bought on the foreclosure market.
Thumbnail for - Developer Group Directly Challenges City on Housing Fee
Mar 3, 2015
Caffeinated news featuring a developer challenge, a car sharing expansion, and a big-deal ruling
Listing 21 - 30 of 3427 Results