Josh Feit and Erica C. Barnett

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Thumbnail for - Isn't it Weird That...
May 22, 2014
Some weird things we noticed about parks and parking.
Thumbnail for - Isn't It Weird That ... Abortion Opponents and Parking Proponents
Mar 25, 2014
Some weird things we noticed in the Supreme Court and at music clubs.
Thumbnail for - Isn't It Weird: March Madness Edition
Mar 19, 2014
A lot of weird stuff going on lately. Uber, Lyft, SideCar. The tunnel. $15 minimum wage. And the Washington State Democrats.
Thumbnail for - Rideshare Company Drivers Don't Fit Privileged White-Guy Stereotype
Mar 3, 2014
According to Lyft, 35 percent of its Seattle drivers are people of color, and a quarter are women.
Thumbnail for - Sawant on Seahawks Euphoria
Jan 30, 2014
Check your assumptions. Sawant is, in fact, going to a Super Bowl party.
Thumbnail for - Notes from the Inauguration
Jan 6, 2014
Socialist Sawant steals the show at inauguration.
Thumbnail for - Isn't It Weird That
Oct 31, 2013
Some weird things we noticed about campaign rejoinders, campaign complaints, and campaign funding.
Thumbnail for - Questions We'd Like To Hear at Tonight's Final TV Debate
Oct 22, 2013
THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A RELEVANT LETTER FROM U.S. ATTORNEY JENNY DURKAN Some questions we'd like to see the mayoral candidates answer at tonight's debate.
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: City Union Endorses McGinn, Dispatches from the Chamber, and More.
Oct 18, 2013
Extra Fizz: Dispatches from the Chamber and mayoral endorsements.
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: A Warning from Inslee, Praise from SEIU, and a Moratorium from Bellevue
Sep 25, 2013
Inslee nudges conservation group, Rolf applauds Murray, and Bellevue thwarts cheap rentals.
Listing 1 - 10 of 25 Results