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After Arson, Taproot Theatre’s New Kendall Center Brings Healing to Greenwood

The new lobby, cafe, and black box theater extend Taproot’s reach for community engagement, as does its new production 'In the Book Of.'

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 03/26/2014
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Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Pi(e) Day Edition

One upside to geometry: a day when everything tasty is $3.14.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 03/13/2014
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Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Sweet Tooth Edition

For a different kind of buzz.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 03/06/2014
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Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Fat Tuesday Edition

Where to celebrate Mardi Gras like a classy human.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 02/27/2014
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Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Bibliophile Beverages

Where to drink and eat like the literary greats.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 02/20/2014
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Theater Review

Most Memorable Moments from WET's 'Ed, Downloaded'

Archiving the moments we'll remember from Washington Ensemble Theatre's new sci-fi play about a digital hereafter.

  • By Jeremy G. Novak and Jessie Beebe
  • Published 02/07/2014
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Visual Art

Art After-Hours: Where to Go This First Thursday

Museums are free, galleries stay open late. So...many...choices.

  • By Jessie Beebe and Seth Sommerfeld
  • Published 02/05/2014
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Love Is in the Air

Lovely to Lusty: Seattle Valentine's Day Guide 2014

Treat that special someone to a night of theater, art, libations, dance... or underwear gawking.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 02/05/2014
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New Century Theatre Company Fosters Community at Pipeline Readings

Pipeline readings are a hidden gem in the Seattle theater community.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 11/14/2013
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Film Review

'Ender's Game' Sacrifices Story in the Name of Crowd-pleasing Adventure

The big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi novel trades nuance for thrills.

  • By Jessie Beebe
  • Published 11/01/2013
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