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Thumbnail for - On Not Summiting the Mountain: A Climbing Guide’s Perspective
Jul 20, 2012
More than half of the climbers who try to summit Mount Rainier don’t make it. And as a guide on the state’s tallest mountain, I feel them fail. As I trudge slowly up the mountain in the predawn...
Thumbnail for - Insider’s Guide to Mount Rainier National Park
Jul 19, 2012
Whether you look for the wildflowers on paved trails, climb to the peak, or view from afar, Mount Rainier looms as our most iconic natural landmark.
Thumbnail for - Where to Stay in Mount Rainier National Park
Jul 19, 2012
Under a Roof National Park InnOpen year-round and snow free before almost anything else in the park, Longmire serves as a kind of home base for Mount Rainier operations. Most of the 25 hotel...
Thumbnail for - Mount Rainier Will Erupt (But Not How You Think)
Jul 19, 2012
Mount Rainier is 100 square miles of active volcano. Armed with just a rock hammer and a handheld magnifying glass, geologist Tom Sisson set about reading its rocks like tea leaves. After a...
Thumbnail for - How to Take the Ultimate Mount Rainier Photo
Jul 19, 2012
How Pros Photograph the Mountain
Thumbnail for - Trails to Hike in Mount Rainier National Park
Jul 19, 2012
TRAILS EVERYONE LOVES  Burroughs Mountain Above the trees and in the tundra, these ridges resemble a moonscape. Besides the First, Second, and Third Burroughs mountains, hikers can sometimes...