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Thumbnail for - League of Women Voters Targeted (Literally) for Supporting I-594
Jul 15, 2014
Anonymous apparent gun supporter leaves a shot-up target outside the League of Women Voters' Capitol Hill office, after the group supports gun-control measure.
Thumbnail for - Murray Names New Immigrant and Refugee Office Director
Jul 15, 2014
Mayor Ed Murray appoints the HRC's Cuc Vu to head the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs; at a press conference, Vu sounds skeptical of municipal ID proposal.
Thumbnail for - New Elway Poll: Voters Support Gun Background Checks, Still Confused by Dueling Measures
Jul 15, 2014
A new poll shows voters support background checks, but are confused by two gun-related ballot measures with similar titles and descriptions.
Thumbnail for - City Council Legalizes Ridesharing
Jul 14, 2014
The city council passes legislation legalizing ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft, while rejecting a proposal to increase insurance requirements.
Thumbnail for - City: Murray Doesn't Plan to Cut Sound Transit Rail Study
Jul 8, 2014
City staffers say Mayor Ed Murray does not, contrary to a published report, plan to cut funding for a rail study to pay for buses.
Thumbnail for - PubliPola: Should We Keep Building the Tunnel?
Jul 7, 2014
The great tunnel debate persists.
Thumbnail for - Mayor Murray:  Cut Rail Funding For Buses
Jul 7, 2014
Mayor Ed Murray argues that the city should save money by cutting rail funding for buses.
Thumbnail for - NE Seattle Residents Trying to Keep Public Beach Public
Jul 3, 2014
A group of Lake City residents is trying to keep a beach that's been public for 80 years, until two residents claimed it as private property, public.
Thumbnail for - New SDOT Director Meets the Press
Jul 2, 2014
New SDOT director nominee Scott Kubly faces the press at his first public appearance this morning.
Listing 21 - 30 of 3901 Results