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Thumbnail for - Democratic Districts Take Up Divisive Preschool Measures
Sep 17, 2014
Last night, the 43rd District Democrats endorsed the city's plan, while the 11th voted to stay neutral.
Thumbnail for - Progressives Fight Nice in Pre-K Competition
Sep 16, 2014
The run-off between establishment and labor pre-K ballot measures has union leaders walking a fine line.
Thumbnail for - Union Preschool Measure Will Cost $3 Million...or $100 Million
Sep 12, 2014
It's not clear whether Prop 1A creates mandates for city funding, so it's impossible to say how much it would cost.
Thumbnail for - "Hypocrisy" and "Offensive Beliefs": Charges Fly in 1st District Race
Sep 9, 2014
The race for northwest Washington's congressional seat gets messy.
Thumbnail for - PubliPola: Preschool Competition
Sep 5, 2014
Are you for Prop. 1 A or Prop. 1 B?
Thumbnail for - Pedro Celis Campaign Releases Policy Positions
Sep 5, 2014
The Republican candidate proposes the same "innovative solutions" as the rest of his party.
Thumbnail for - One Question for Pedro Celis' (New!) Campaign Team
Sep 4, 2014
Is the new Celis team a sign that the GOP candidate is catering to the Tea Party?
Thumbnail for - Afternoon Jolt: Two Students Survey Garfield on Rape
Aug 21, 2014
Students' survey finds unnervingly high approval ratings for rape among peers.
Thumbnail for - City Council Calls on FDA to Lift Gay Blood Donor Ban
Aug 6, 2014
For three decades, gay and bisexual men have been banned from donating blood. The City Council says it's time to change that.
Thumbnail for - Swedish Expansion Faces Neighborhood Opposition
Aug 4, 2014
Residents say they're worried a tower in Squire Park will drown out sunlight and attract traffic.
Listing 1 - 10 of 18 Results