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Thumbnail for - Bombing Syria Isn't Warranted, Won't Fix Congress's Partisan Stalemate
Sep 6, 2013
In a guest op/ed, former state representative and current deputy insurance commissioner Brendan Williams argues that military action in Syria isn't warranted.
Thumbnail for - Transportation Funding: It Gets Worse
Jun 7, 2013
Washington state's transportation funding picture has only become bleaker since 2005, says guest editorialist Brendan Williams.
Thumbnail for - The Incredible, Shrinking Environmental Movement
Apr 26, 2013
The transactional politics of faux environmentalism.
Thumbnail for - The Ball Is in the Legislature's Court
Feb 28, 2013
The Democrats have to make the case for raising taxes.
Thumbnail for - Be Careful What You Wish For
Feb 26, 2013
Editorial boards that leapt for joy when Republicans took over the state senate aren't getting exactly what they bargained for.
Thumbnail for - The Metaphysics of Rodney Tom
Feb 20, 2013
Tom was for taxes before he was against them.
Thumbnail for - The Myth of Democratic Resistance to K-12 Accountability
Feb 12, 2013
Guest columnist Brendan Williams, a former state representative from the 22nd District, argues that Democrats, not Republicans, are the real advocates for education reform.
Thumbnail for - The State Senate Is Waging a War On Workers. Is a War on Women Next?
Jan 28, 2013
Former state representative Brendan Williams asks: With the state senate already waging a war on workers, is the war on women next?
Thumbnail for - This Week in Rodney Tom's Olympia
Jan 21, 2013
A former Democratic state representative looks at Rodney Tom's "bipartisan" senate.
Thumbnail for - Don't Talk Like an Elephant
Jan 8, 2013
Democrats should stop affirming the GOP message.
Listing 1 - 10 of 18 Results