Andrew J. Nilsen

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Thumbnail for - This Must Be the Place
Apr 19, 2014
When my marriage ended in spring 2013, I was dragged into one of the most turbulent real estate markets in recent memory. Through the tears and heartache, I learned a lot about buying and selling...
Thumbnail for - Portland v. Seattle: An Architectural Tale of Emeralds and Roses
Feb 1, 2014
When it comes to architecture, the contrast couldn’t be more plain: The Emerald City likes the shiny new gems; Portland likes perennials.
Thumbnail for - Portland v. Seattle: Team Rivalries
Feb 1, 2014
Each city cares about the other for more sincere reasons than you might expect from rivals.
Thumbnail for - Kittitas County Fights to Keep Seattle’s Compost Out of Its Backyard
May 22, 2013
So where do we put all of that smelly organic waste—and should we care who’s affected?