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Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Capers

A look inside West Seattle's home, entertaining, and gift shop.

  • 09/24/2012
Mercer snsr5w

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Mercer

The women's clothing boutique marries department store styles with a cozier setting tucked within University Village.

  • 09/10/2012
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Shopping Fundraiser

Save the Date: YWCA Closet Treasures Sale

Mark your calendar for YWCA's 10th annual Dress for Success Seattle fundraiser.

  • 09/04/2012
Alive well fxcoyh

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeepers: Alive and Well

The Cap Hill skate shop strikes a unique balance of urban edge, Seattle-style hip factor, and street-inspired style.

  • 08/27/2012
Spaceoddity pvcf4x

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Space Oddity Furniture

The Ballard vintage furniture shopkeeper has a penchant for urban-meets-rustic style.

  • 08/20/2012
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Shop It: Tenth Avenue Bazaar

The Kaleidoscope Vision gals are hosting a month-long popup shop showcasing local designs and expertly coordinated vintage collections.

  • 08/16/2012
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Local Artist Showcase

Raw Natural Born Artists: Radiate Showcase

Tina Witherspoon's 2012 recycled couture collection, "To Dye For," takes the runway in multidisciplinary art showcase in Pioneer Square.

  • 08/14/2012
Sandylew tesmfx

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Sandylew

"You have to get dressed every damn day, so you might as well have a good time doing it."

  • 08/13/2012
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Local Fashion

Designed in Seattle: Drifting Arrows Swimwear

The African-born swimwear designer revamps the basic bikini.

  • 08/09/2012
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Retail News

Boutiques on Wheels

For the first time ever, Seattle's Mobile Food Rodeo puts a healthy helping of fashion on the menu.

  • 08/07/2012
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Expert Advice

Five Tips from eBay's Selling Style Studio

eBay's Chic Squad was at Northgate Mall helping Seattle make room for fall fashion. We were there, and we're sharing our notes.

  • 08/05/2012
Kirkalbert shopkeeper up2qsr

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Kirk Albert Vintage Furnishings

Albert's Georgetown store is a jackpot of all things vintage.

  • 07/30/2012
Nancyssewing zqi308

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Nancy’s Sewing Basket

Explore one of the last standing independent fabric stores in Seattle.

  • 07/23/2012
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Trunk Show at Alvin Goldfarb Jewelers

Alberto Parada presents eco-friendly, recycled pieces at show in Bellevue.

  • 07/23/2012
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eBay’s Selling Style Studio Comes to Seattle

Learn the tips and tricks to sell like a pro.

  • 07/19/2012
Fusioninvites yui21v

Wedding Wednesday

Checkerboard Introduces Fusion Invitations

The perfect marriage between traditional correspondence and online innovation.

  • 07/18/2012
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Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Red Ticking

The East Madison store features French-influenced housewares and unique finds.

  • 07/16/2012
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Wedding Wednesday

UW Botanic Gardens Vendor Showcase

The second annual open house spotlights nearly 50 event vendors.

  • 07/11/2012
Truenatural kqncmg

Health and Beauty

Road Test: True Natural Self Tanner

When vanity goes vegan: A self tanner that’s cruelty-free, gluten-free, entirely natural, and actually works.

  • 07/10/2012
Click fdpwve

Retail Spotlight

Meet the Shopkeeper: Click! Design That Fits

Find double-tasking jewelry designers and houseware purveyors in West Seattle.

  • 07/09/2012
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