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Thumbnail for - Sam's Tavern Will Open in the Former Chino's Space
Nov 19, 2012
Owner James Snyder is promising good burgers and energetic environs that pay tribute to the original Red Robin.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Cafe Juanita Sous Chef Jonah Amodt
Nov 16, 2012
His favorite hangover remedy is biscuits and gravy. But these mornings are presumably rare with a demanding kitchen job, a five-year-old son, and another baby on the way.
Thumbnail for - A New Identity for Fox Sports Grill
Nov 16, 2012
“There’s nothing we can do to make it okay to bring your date to Fox Sports Grill on Valentine’s Day.”
Thumbnail for - La Medusa Has Been Sold; Long Live La Medusa
Nov 15, 2012
Chefs become owners at one of the city's most consistently terrific neighborhood restaurants.
Thumbnail for - Meander's Kitchen Goes Big in White Center
Nov 14, 2012
The constantly crowded diner is now serving up its waffles, gravy, and other breakfast divinities in a space that's twice as big.
Thumbnail for - Apothecary-Inspired Cocktail Bar Percy's Headed to Ballard Ave
Nov 14, 2012
Two barmen from New York's Apotheke partner with the guys behind Bimbo's, Cha Cha Lounge, and King's Hardware to pour "medicinal" cocktails.
Thumbnail for - 10 Seattle Fireplace Bars
Nov 13, 2012
Our favorite bars that play with fire.
Thumbnail for - Bluebird Ice Creamery Is Now a Brewery, Too
Nov 13, 2012
The Greenwood location will pour housemade brews, including snickerdoodle soda and Theo chocolate milk stout.
Thumbnail for - Where to Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey
Nov 13, 2012
The tryptophan throwdown is just days away, but you can still find birds that are free range, applewood smoked, or stuffed with a duck that's stuffed with a chicken.
Thumbnail for - Chris Fletcher Replaces Shannon Galusha at Cal's Classic
Nov 12, 2012
Galusha's right-hand man since the Bastille days is now running the show.
Listing 531 - 540 of 1029 Results