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Thumbnail for - Ballard's Paratii Craft Bar Is Closing
Feb 8, 2013
And a Japonessa sibling sushi bar is reportedly moving in.
Thumbnail for - Lamb Popsicles at Shanik
Feb 8, 2013
An international border and some major nutritional enhancements distinguish this dish from the famed Vij's original.
Thumbnail for - First Look: Inside the Massive Von Trapp's
Feb 7, 2013
Beer. Brats. Bocce. Massive fireplaces. Glittering chandeliers. Twelfth Avenue's newest destination is a veritable sensory overload.
Thumbnail for - Top Chef Seattle Episode 14: Kings of Alaska
Feb 7, 2013
Devilish details, Sean Brock, magical underwear, and some bears.
Thumbnail for - Von Trapp's Opens This Sunday
Feb 5, 2013
A massive German-style beer hall is unleashed on 12th Ave. Time to learn how to play bocce.
Thumbnail for - Another Cool Project in Pioneer Square
Feb 5, 2013
A home goods and pantry store also gives the neighborhood a new watering hole.
Thumbnail for - Recap: The Layover's Seattle Episode
Feb 5, 2013
Anthony Bourdain's 48 hours in Seattle include oysters with T-Doug, drinking chartreuse with Matt Dillon and Renee Erickson, and messing up the name of one of the biggest chefs in town.
Thumbnail for - A Kind-of-a-Big-Deal Mezcal Event
Feb 4, 2013
Educational day drinking: A never-before panel of mezcal experts will discuss the history and culture behind this of-the-moment spirit.
Thumbnail for - Favorite Things: Jay Guerrero of Boat Street Cafe
Feb 1, 2013
Renee Erickson's exciting New York transplant actually grew up in Ballard.
Thumbnail for - Happening in Georgetown: Some Seriously High-Tech Wine Storage
Jan 31, 2013
Phenol55 keeps wine in a cool, dark place...and in your iPad.
Listing 531 - 540 of 1123 Results