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Thumbnail for - And Now for Some Restaurant-Related April Fools Jokes
Apr 1, 2015
From marijuana-infused chowder (fake) to ironic blooming onions (real).
Thumbnail for - Westward's Zoi Antonitsas Is a 'Food and Wine' Best New Chef
Mar 31, 2015
She joins a pretty impressive group.
Thumbnail for - Korean Steak House Girin Opens Saturday in Pioneer Square
Mar 30, 2015
And the space is unreal.
Thumbnail for - Marination Is Expanding to Columbia City
Mar 27, 2015
And the new place "screams beer garden."
Thumbnail for - Ethan Stowell Will Open a Restaurant at the Four Seasons
Mar 26, 2015
As of May, he'll be a downtown restaurateur once again.
Thumbnail for - These Are Seattle's 2015 James Beard Finalists
Mar 24, 2015
Aka the contenders for Best Chef Northwest
Thumbnail for - Brady Williams Is the New Chef at Canlis
Mar 19, 2015
How the former executive sous chef at Roberta's in Brooklyn got the job without a single game of laser tag.
Thumbnail for - It's Official: Kraken Congee Will Open in Pioneer Square
Mar 17, 2015
In the former home of Little Uncle, to be precise.
Thumbnail for - Josh Henderson Is Opening a Ton of New Restaurants
Mar 17, 2015
From tacos to a brasserie to his own return to the kitchen. "It's a little bit obscene, to be honest."
Thumbnail for - Coyle's Bakeshop Opens Friday in Greenwood
Mar 12, 2015
Bring on the cretzels.
Listing 21 - 30 of 1156 Results