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Jun 14, 2010
Welcome to Seattle, Facebook! Instead of sweating the privacy concerns, try to not soak up too much of the local influence.
Thumbnail for - Girls Just Want to Go Green
Apr 19, 2010
Seattle’s hottest sustainability blogtress Deanna Duke is no chicken.
Thumbnail for - Norton Hears a Boo
Apr 19, 2010
University of Washington Internet security guru Dave Dittrich cop cries foul on Symantec’s ranking of Seattle as the “Riskiest Online City.”
Thumbnail for - March of the Penguin
Feb 16, 2010
App of the Month: Ben Eidelson and Jason Prado dreamed up, which connects you with potential travel partners.
Thumbnail for - The Wi-Fi of Oz
Jan 22, 2010
Is Mayor Mike McGinn’s dream of municipal wi-fi a viable vision for America’s most techie city?
Thumbnail for - An Inconvenient Question
Dec 15, 2009
Al Gore on whether he uses an Apple iPhone or Google Android, during KUOW’s The Conversation, November 18, 2009.
Thumbnail for - Logging Off
Nov 19, 2009
The nation’s first Internet rehab center, ReStart, is in Seattle, the nation’s web mecca.
Thumbnail for - Entrepreneur of the Month
Nov 19, 2009
ChefStack makes pancakes—lots of them. Try 200 in an hour.
Thumbnail for - Crash Test Smarties
Nov 19, 2009
A partnership with Lamborghini, an Italian sports car maker, launches fast times at UW engineering.
Thumbnail for - Nissan Sockets It to Seattle
Nov 17, 2009
Nissan’s first all-electric car gets a test drive in the Emerald City.
Listing 61 - 70 of 83 Results