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Thumbnail for - The 50 Gigabyte Woman
Oct 11, 2010
Social media maven Mónica Guzmán, formerly of the P-I and and now the director of editorial outreach at Intersect, wants to know the story of your life.
Thumbnail for - She’s the App for That
Aug 18, 2010
Nineteen-year-old UW business major Lily Berlina is one of 12 women featured in the new iPhone app Real Weather Girls.
Thumbnail for - Is That an App in Your Lap?
Jun 15, 2010
“MiKandi is kind of the Las Vegas of app stores," says Jesse Adams of the adult app software he launched with Jennifer McEwen.
Thumbnail for - Unfriend Me
Jun 14, 2010
Status update: With so much tech like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype so close to home, how isn't our privacy invaded?
Thumbnail for - About Face
Jun 14, 2010
Welcome to Seattle, Facebook! Instead of sweating the privacy concerns, try to not soak up too much of the local influence.
Thumbnail for - Girls Just Want to Go Green
Apr 19, 2010
Seattle’s hottest sustainability blogtress Deanna Duke is no chicken.
Thumbnail for - Norton Hears a Boo
Apr 19, 2010
University of Washington Internet security guru Dave Dittrich cop cries foul on Symantec’s ranking of Seattle as the “Riskiest Online City.”
Thumbnail for - March of the Penguin
Feb 16, 2010
App of the Month: Ben Eidelson and Jason Prado dreamed up, which connects you with potential travel partners.
Thumbnail for - The Wi-Fi of Oz
Jan 22, 2010
Is Mayor Mike McGinn’s dream of municipal wi-fi a viable vision for America’s most techie city?
Thumbnail for - An Inconvenient Question
Dec 15, 2009
Al Gore on whether he uses an Apple iPhone or Google Android, during KUOW’s The Conversation, November 18, 2009.
Listing 51 - 60 of 77 Results