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Thumbnail for - Inside Gabe Newell’s Downloadable Software Empire
Jan 23, 2013
As Valve Software’s cofounder is inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences hall of fame, we look back at how he changed the way everyone consumes media.
Thumbnail for - Fight a Traffic Ticket Online
Dec 19, 2012
eTicketbuster allows drivers to contest tickets without ever having to see a judge or a lawyer.
Thumbnail for - 3D Printing Goes Green
Nov 28, 2012
University of Washington leads the way for environmentally minded additive manufacturing.
Thumbnail for - Seattle’s Biggest Buzz Dealer Isn’t Starbucks
Oct 8, 2012
A mobile app shows there are more medical marijuana shacks than Starbucks in town.
Thumbnail for -  A Belltown Tech Firm Makes an E-Pill Possible
Sep 19, 2012
The battery-free “e-pill” uses stomach acid as its power source and emits a signal to a body patch designed by Stratos Product Development in Belltown.
Thumbnail for - Pay Phones as Wi-Fi Hot Spots
Aug 21, 2012
Would It Work in Seattle? A New York ad firm reconfigures old, unused phone booths to pulse with free Wi-Fi.
Thumbnail for - UW Professors Rescue Moore’s Law
Aug 20, 2012
Fusion experts develop a cheap, efficient source of extreme ultraviolet light to make your smart phone faster.
Thumbnail for - Seattle’s Space Elevator Man
Jul 17, 2012
After a decade of disappointment, could there be new life for the space elevator?
Thumbnail for - Disbanded: No Broadband Utility for Seattle
Jun 20, 2012
For years Seattle has welched on its promise to build a municipal broadband network. We may have Tacoma to blame—and thank—for that.
Thumbnail for - Seattle Startup ChorePay Drags Childhood Allowance Into the Digital Age
Jun 11, 2012
ChorePay, an online financial tool for household chore management, digitizes allowances.
Listing 11 - 20 of 77 Results