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Thumbnail for - PopCap Makes Games They Like
Aug 1, 2013
Luckily for the Seattle video game studio, its customers like those games—like Bejeweled and the new Plants vs. Zombies 2—even more.
Thumbnail for - Basel Action Network Turns Back the Toxic E-Waste Tide
Mar 20, 2013
The Seattle nonprofit fights to keep our old computers from being dumped on developing countries.
Thumbnail for - The Big Idea: Information Society
Mar 20, 2013
UW and the Department of Energy take on Big Data We now have access to more info than we can make sense of. A new institute seeks solutions.
Thumbnail for - Inside the Super-Green Bullitt Center
Mar 20, 2013
When it opens, the six-story building will be the most energy-efficient commercial space in the world.
Thumbnail for - Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack Fights for Women in Tech
Jan 23, 2013
The cofounder of LadyCoders wants to even the playing field for female programmers.
Thumbnail for - SideCar Connects Riders in Need with Drivers, Indeed
Jan 23, 2013
The mobile app is part ride-share program and part conservationist compromise with our car-based culture.
Thumbnail for - Inside Gabe Newell’s Downloadable Software Empire
Jan 23, 2013
As Valve Software’s cofounder is inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences hall of fame, we look back at how he changed the way everyone consumes media.
Thumbnail for - Fight a Traffic Ticket Online
Dec 19, 2012
eTicketbuster allows drivers to contest tickets without ever having to see a judge or a lawyer.
Thumbnail for - 3D Printing Goes Green
Nov 28, 2012
University of Washington leads the way for environmentally minded additive manufacturing.
Thumbnail for - Seattle’s Biggest Buzz Dealer Isn’t Starbucks
Oct 8, 2012
A mobile app shows there are more medical marijuana shacks than Starbucks in town.
Listing 11 - 20 of 83 Results