Image: Ryan Snook

NO ONE WILL BLAME YOU for looking at the last 12 months of uncertainty as a nausea-inducing reason to panic, but we see it differently. We prefer to look at it as a chance to rethink our going-nowhere, doing-too-much careers; to reassess our marketable skills; to reprioritize what’s important in our lives. So we’ve knocked down the doors of almost every local institute of higher learning to find educational outlets for all of that rethinking, reassessing, and reprioritizing.

Want a fresh occupational start? (Or forced to look for one?) Need to pick up some new talents to hold on to the job you’ve got? Or just looking for a better way to spend your free time than biting your fingernails? We’ve done your research for you on 25 of the best, most interesting, and most sought-after adult education classes and programs in the area. All you have to do is sharpen your No.2 pencil and sign up. You can thank us later.