1. Seattle Times reporter Jim Brunner has a scoop about Tea Party candidate Clint Didier, the Pasco farmer and former NFLer who is running in the Republican pack against U.S. Sen. Patty Murray.

Brunner reports that Didier, whose histrionic Tea Party rhetoric assails government spending, has received $273,000 in farm subsidies from the federal government since 1995.

2. As we reported yesterday, council members who voted to boycott Arizona got hit with a barrage of angry (and sometimes racist) emails.

A staffer for one council member couldn't resist and fired back a zinger.

First, the original email:
From: T__
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 4:46 PM
To: Conlin, Richard; Bagshaw, Sally; Burgess, Tim; Clark, Sally; Godden, Jean; Harrell, Bruce; Licata, Nick; O'Brien, Mike; Rasmussen, Tom
Subject: Boycott Seatlle Based Businesses

Posted to Facebook in response to your actions:

Please boycott the following businesses that are headquarted in Seattle,WA:
Jones Soda Co; Pyramid Breweries, Inc.; Redhook Ale Brewing; Mike's Hard Lemonade Co.; Drugstore.com; Big Fish Games; Classmates.com; Expedia.com; PopCap Games; RealNetworks; Zillow.com; Cutter & Buck; Nordstrom, Inc; Holland America Line; Ambassadors Group, Inc.; Alaska Airlines

The staffer's response:
T___ –

Thanks for the reminder of all the businesses that I will make sure and give added support to over the next few months. FYI – Facebook is about to move part of their operations to Seattle, so you should think about boycotting them, too, along with Amazon.com.

Have a nice day.

XXXXX, Legislative Assistant

Office of Councilmember XXXXX

Seattle City Council

3. The racist emails that have been trickling in to Seattle City Council offices have been nothing compared to the torrent of bile unleashed yesterday over at Mayor Mike McGinn's Facebook page, where he posted an updating expressing support for the legislation. Some fine examples of the form, including one that suggests memorably that San Diego stick their beaches up their butt.
Oh.... the famous ol race card ! Sure would love to toss that in the shredder ! That sucker gets used every time you turn around ! LOL !!! There is no easy or politically correct way to clean up this country. Just need to do it no matter who gets ticked off, butt soar or sues for racial profiling ! Illegal is illegal.... END OF STORY ! We know what the problem is so now lets just fix it !!!!

Check out the news coming out of Seattle about 10 minutes ago ! THEY JUST VOTED AND PASSED THE ACT TO BOYCOTT ARIZONA AS ON TODAY !!! Seriously ???? What a COMPLETE JOKE !!!! San Diego and surrounding cities are to follow ! Well... hey all you folks living in Arizona.... TELL SAN DIEGO THEY CAN STICK LEGO LAND, DISNEY LAND, SEA WORLD AND THEIR BEACHES UP THEIR BUTT BECAUSE WE CAN VACATION ELSE WHERE !!!!! See....we can play that game too !!!! See what I mean, Travis ? This kind of crap is BEYOND stupid !!!!!

NO REFORM untill you get these damn illegals out! then maybe we'll consider some type of reform. AMNESTY IS NOT REFORM!

4. The King County Council put off voting on a measure to put a sales tax proposal on the August ballot. King County Executive Dow Constantine—with strong support from Sheriff Sue Rahr and County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg—wants voters to approve a 0.2 percent sales tax to help avoid cuts in public safety.

The nine-member council needs a six-vote super majority to send the measure to the ballot. With Republicans Pete von Reichbauer and Jane Hague likely 'No' votes and Republicans Reagan Dunn and Kathy Lambert still holding out, and Democrat Larry Phillips still "moving toward" the idea according to the Seattle Times, the council only had four 'Yes' votes yesterday: Democrats Jan Drago, Bob Ferguson, Larry Gossett, and Julia Patterson.

They plan to take it up again next week.