1. In case you missed it, Cola intern Andrew Calkins—building off the Seattle Times' original reporting about the Seattle Public Schools' shady Regional Small Business Development Program—had an interesting scoop on Friday afternoon.

Our story: The Washington State Department of Transportation is also mixed up with tricky former SPS contractor Silas Potter and his RSBDP. Read Andrew's article here.

2. Never mind state employees. (And never mind contracts.) Retired state employees are the latest folks getting scrutinized by state budget writers as legislators try to close a $5.2 billion shortfall.

Eliminating cost-of-living-increases for retirees could save the state $415 million. The Tacoma News Tribune has the story.

3. Never mind the NCAA. The Citywide Youth Athletics Program Youth Basketball league held its championships at Bitter Lake Community Center on Saturday. Winning 28-26 over Magnolia, the Jefferson Community Center squad, which is fielded by the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association, won the city championship in the 12-year-old Bronze division.

Why is this Fizz worthy? Because city hall was out in force to cheer the team on. The squad, 14-0 after going undefeated all season and in the playoffs, is coached by city hall policy staffer Mike Fong (head coach), city council member Sally Clark aide Dan Nolte (assistant coach) and city hall IT guy Eric Depusoy (assistant coach).

Clark handed out the trophies.

4. Miss Manners gives the PI.com a check. They credited PubliCola for last week's story about Costco's plans to introduce a bill in Olympia to privatize liquor sales. The PI.com is courteous like that.

But Miss Manners has to give the Seattle Times a black mark for running the story—both on its home page and on the front page of its print local section this weekend—without acknowledging PubliCola.