As we've reported a couple of times now, the I-937 bill/compromise/deal (which, My God, seems to have gathered up everything that's going on here in its own legislative cyclone) is currently being held hostage itself by the Tacoma delegation—about five legislators (including Reps. Jeannie Darnielle, Steve Conway, Steve Kirby, Dennis Flannigan, and Tom Campbell.) 

The I-937 deal—which we detailed here—gives a few small utilities an alternative to meeting the voter mandate for renewable resources. Tacoma Power, the utility in Tacoma, wants in on the loophole.

But never mind the utility wonkery. Here's the point: It's odd that a handful of Tacoma legislators can hijack the whole session—rightfully going to bat for their district's interests—while Seattle's 12 House members and 6 Senators couldn't hijack a paper airplane. 

Joe Turner at the Tacoma News Tribune has the math on how Tacoma's delegation is flexing its muscle. Seattle's delegation should do themselves a favor and read all about it.