The new buffered bike lanes westbound on North 130th St. (Photo from SDOT)

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) installed a short section of buffered bike lanes on N. 130th St between Phinney and Linden Avenues (with a block of traditional bike lanes between Greenwood and Phinney) over the weekend. Buffered bike lanes are protected by about two feet of additional lane space on either side of the lane itself, protecting cyclists from auto traffic.

Similar to the soon-to-be-installed lanes on 7th Ave downtown, the 130th St. lanes will be five feet wide with a 2.5-foot-wide painted buffer between the car lanes and the bike lanes.

SDOT is calling the project the city's first buffered bike lanes---though if you want to quibble over details, there's already a tiny section of buffered bike lane southbound on East Marginal Way.

SDOT removed one of two westbound travel lanes (the eastbound side of 130th only had one lane to begin with) on 130th St., which now has buffered lanes and one 11-foot travel lane in either direction. Most of the eastbound parking lane remains, but there's now a 500-foot no-parking zone westbound between Dayton and Greenwood Avenues to accommodate a right-turn-only lane.

Westbound 130th St before construction. (Photo from SDOT)

In addition to buffered bike lanes, this "Complete Streets" project includes an extended sidewalk bulb at the corner of 130th and North Park Ave. and a painted pedestrian island in the middle of 130th.

The project cost $90,000 which includes planning, design, and construction of the curb bulb, new lane striping, and installation of a new video detection camera at Greenwood and 130th that will allow bicyclists to trigger the traffic light.

Implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan continues in late June with buffered bike lanes on 7th Ave and in late July with traditional bike lanes on 11th Ave and Roosevelt.