The GOP strategy to retake the state legislature this year is not about running radical Tea Party candidates, it's about taking back the Crescent, the run-off districts east of Seattle—from the Microsoft suburbs out to the Sammamish plateau and south to Black Diamond.

Winning this swing turf is largely about running moderates—or in this case, candidates who are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Witness GOP state senate candidate Stephen Litzow in the 41st District (Mercer Island). Litzow, who's challenging liberal Democratic incumbent Randy Gordon, is pro-choice—he's on NARAL's political action committee board.

Now comes this revelation. This morning, GOP candidate Gregg Bennett, who's running against Democratic incumbent Sen. Rodney Tom (D-48, Redmond, Kirkland, Medina), told us emphatically that he supports gay marriage. "I'm for it," he said. Otherwise, the Bellevue investor and startup consultant toes the GOP line: for 1053, against 1098, for 1107, for 1100, for 1082.

Bennett had actually alluded to his liberal position when we interviewed him on video in July. Note: In the video he also says he's against Sen. Tom's crisis pregnancy center bill, a Planned Parenthood-backed bill that would have forced bait and switch anti-abortion clinics from disclose what services they actually provide. However, in our Q&A today, Bennett said he was for the bill.

We have a call out to Tom to find out his position on gay marriage.

UPDATE: Bennett clarified his position on Sen. Tom's crisi pregnancy center bill. He's against it and says:
Josh, just wanted to clarify.. yes I am pro-Gay marriage.. got that right.. but I am not supportive of Rodney's Bill on pregnancy centers.

You asked if I was supportive of full disclosure [of the services clinics actually provide]  yes I am, but Rodney's bill is quite overreaching.  It is government telling private sector how to do their business which I consider dangerous grounds. I'm not opposed, and actually supportive, of informing and fully disclosing women of the true services being offered—and services not being offered, but have serious concerns about mandating 5 pages of  "how to run your business" on any entity.