As we reported yesterday, a poll commissioned by PubliCola found that, of 681 registered voters, 43 percent—a plurality—had no opinion of Mayor Mike McGinn—a somewhat surprising result given the outcry in media circles over several of the freshman mayor's early political missteps. McGinn was most popular among young people (18-35), women, and self-identified Independents, and least popular among middle-aged (45-59) voters and Republicans.

Next week, we'll report on what we learned about voters' views on replacing the viaduct—whether the city should build a tunnel, the surface-transit option, and a new elevated viaduct.

A full report on the top-line McGinn numbers is available here; full data from the poll, conducted by EMC Research using technology from Precision Polling and a list provided by Aristotle, is available for a nominal $5 charge.