1. The campaign for higher wages at fast food restaurants got a jolt this weekend when activists and workers learned that one Subway employee who was active in the "Strike Poverty" protests was fired.

Carlos Hernandez reports he was fired last week shortly after the August 29 protests for giving a free (.60) cookie to a three-year-old customer. Hernandez and his fellow protesters believe he was fired in retaliation for his outspoken participation in the campaign to increase fast food worker pay to $15 an hour and have the right to organize without retaliation.

"I know I was fired because I stood up for what is right," Hernandez said in a press statement from GoodJobs Seattle, the fast food protest organization sponsored by local lefty groups such as Washington Community Action Network, Working Washington, OneAmerica, and unions like SEIU 775.

"I went on strike and Subway fired me," he concluded after three protests at Subways around the city on Saturday, including the one where he lost his job on Broadway in Capitol Hill.

2. Mayor Mike McGinn is formally kicking off his reelection campaign today with a press conference in downtown Ballard.

Check out the essay Josh posted late Friday—"A Very Cool Thing About McGinn, but ..."that takes note of McGinn's formidable new campaign coalition—he's not just an arugula Democrat anymore—and raises some questions about how he stitched it together.

3. And it's confirmed—something PubliCola has been saying forever—the problem with texting while driving isn't the texting.

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