Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn is looking to hire David Postman as his communications director, sources who have spoken directly to McGinn's transition team confirm. Postman, a former Seattle Times political reporter, currently works as Vulcan's communications director.

South Lake Union developer Vulcan, as we've reported, was a financial backer of McGinn's green non-profit, Great City. (As we also noted earlier this week, Postman was at McGinn's victory press conference on Monday.)

Postman has not returned our calls for a comment.

McGinn's transition team staffer Aaron Pickus says Postman is currently on McGinn's transition team advising on communications, but he could "not speak to hiring him" for the McGinn administration.

Postman, Pickus says, advised transition team community "ambassadors" on how best to engage and communicate with neighborhood groups.


Postman emailed to say he had "nothing to add," explaining:

"One of the pieces of advice I have given Mike and his staff is not to engage in speculation about jobs or respond to questions about rumors about who is or is not a candidate for a job with the new administration. I will follow my own advice."