Jenny Durkan, the attorney who leveled Dino Rossi's case in the 2004 election dispute, has been picked to be U.S. Attorney for Western Washington by Sen. Patty Murray. The Seattle Times has the story, but PubliCola actually heard the news on the Facebooks; former Democratic Party Chair Paul Berendt had the news in his status update.

The position, of course, attained some notoriety when President Bush's administration went on a spree of political firings in 2006—targeting U.S. Attorneys, including John McKay in Western Washington.

Naming Durkan, a close ally and political confidante of Democratic Gov. Chris Gregoire, certainly reads like a bit of comeuppance for the Bush-era GOP which thrived on politicizing the Department of Justice. (The 93 U.S. Attorneys, or Federal Prosecutors as they're called, are part of the DOJ.)