I ran into Tim Eyman in the capitol building standing by a bunch of graphs and charts. He had just finished practicing for his press conference where he's going to unveil his new initiatives. (His colleagues were criticizing his performance because, they said, he had his back to the audience while explaining his charts. "I can see that bald spot," one of his co-filers told him.)

Eyman gave it another try, this time, for PubliCola, walking me through his new initiatives.

The first one would reinstate the two-thirds majority rule again in 2012, in case the legislature repeals 1053.

Another would explicitly prevent government agencies from raising fees without legislative approval.

He's also got a liquor privatization bill—which wouldn't allow smaller, convenience stores to sell booze, just the big outlets.

Another one would reaffirm $30 car tab limits, and a final one would require voter approval on red light cameras.

As for Eyman's charts, he had big pie chart that showed 1107 only repealed seven percent of last year's $774 million in new taxes.