I-1053, an initiative supported by Tim Eyman and the Association of Washington Business that would restore the 2/3 legislative majority rule for raising taxes, collected enough valid signatures to make it to the ballot the Secretary of State's office announced today.

I-1053 is the fourth initiative so far to qualify for the November election. (Our roundup of the others is here.)

I-1053 is bad news for Democrats such as US Sen. Patty Murray because it's a real get-out-the-vote measure—the GOP base was furious at the legislature for raising taxes this year. (Footnote: the tax increases, about $757 million worth, actually pale in comparison to the billions the legislature cut, amounting to less than 10 percent of the shortfall fix. But that’s probably too much nuance for angry voters.)

The signature gathering—they turned in nearly 338,000 (they needed 241,000 valid ones)—and the campaign are being funded by the Washington State Farm Bureau, the Washington Association of Realtors, BP, Bank of America, Conoco Phillips, Tesoro, the Washington Bankers Association, and the Washington Restaurant Association, among others.

The heavy lift from the oil industry—more than $200,000—is a response to the fact that the legislature is contemplating a hazardous substance tax. (They tried to raise it last year—the first time since the voter-approved tax was put into place in the late 1980s—but it failed.)