This post has been updated with comments from city ethics director Wayne Barnett and Seattle Citizens Against the Tunnel founder Elizabeth Campbell.

Seattle Citizens Against the Tunnel (SCAT), the group that has filed an initiative to stop the downtown deep-bore tunnel, has not yet filed required campaign documents with the city and state, despite the fact that state elections law requires committees to file "Within 2 weeks of organizing a committee or first expecting to receive contributions or make expenditures, whichever occurs first." SCAT first filed its anti-tunnel initiative on July 30, or nearly three weeks ago, and has retained a lawyer and begun collecting signatures.

SCAT founder Elizabeth Campbell says, "There was a question about when we became a PAC, which our lawyer is reviewing for us."

Barnett says Campbell has told him she thinks the group does not have to file until the city council actually puts the measure on the ballot, which would mean the group didn't have to file for several months. He says "that's never been the way we've interpreted [election] law." If Campbell's group simply refuses to file, Barnett says, "of course we will" take action against them. Failure to file carries a penalty of up to $5,000.