The 36th District Democrats approved a resolution at their meeting last night opposing the city's plan to reduce Nickerson Street from four lanes to three and add lane markings for bikes on both sides.

The resolution, sponsored by a longtime supporter of rebuilding the Alaskan Way Viaduct, Gene Hoglund, calls Nickerson "an essential corridor for the citizens of Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne and other neighborhoods within the City of Seattle," and says the reconstruction of Mercer Street near the proposed deep-bore tunnel "will cause additional cars and trucks to transit over Nickerson."

However, according to a state analysis of projected traffic volumes on Nickerson during Mercer construction, "There [will be] little change in peak period traffic volumes on Nickerson Street"—about 20 more cars eastbound in the evening and no change during the morning and evening rush hours, the analysis concludes. Additionally, the state concluded that the traffic impact of narrowing Nickerson and adding bike lanes would be “negligible,” ranging from a decrease of ten vehicles at rush hour to an increase of 50.