According to the most recent campaign finance reports for the first half of October, Suzan DelBene, the Democratic candidate running against Republican inumbent U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert (R-8), contributed $1.35 million of her own money to her campaign during the first two weeks of this month, bringing the total DelBene has contributed or loaned to her campaign to $2.3 million ($1.93 million donation plus $350,000 in loans).

This most recent download comes on top of the $250,000 she loaned herself last quarter, which, as we noted in Fizz earlier this week, indicates she must know something we don't know. The polling has consistently shown Reichert with the lead.

DelBene has about $195,000 on hand. Overall, including her money, DelBene has raised about $3.8 million.

In the same period, Reichert raised about $118,000 and has about $607,000 on hand. He has raised about $2.4 million. Reichert has not put any of his own money into his campaign.