Erica just got back from City Hall, where Mayor Mike McGinn was holding a media availability to announce a new program that will team up police and mental health providers.

Erica will have more on her swing through City Hall—there was also an El Centro de la Raza press conference about the April 10 SPD beating of (wrong-place-wrong-time) an innocent Latino man.

But Erica also arrived back at the office with this anecdote. McGinn was upset that Erica had called him "hot-headed" (which she did yesterday).

Erica laughed about how all politicians are thin-skinned and told him how former King County Council Member Dwight Pelz (now the Chair of the Washington State Democratic Party) wouldn't talk to her for months because she had once written that he was "irascible."

McGinn loved that, and said he would love to be called irascible (which means someone who has a hot temper and is easily provoked to anger.)

And never mind "hot-head." Outside city hall, where demonstrators had gathered today to protest the city council resolution to boycott Arizona, posters ID'd the mayor as a "Pot Head."