Chris Bushnell, the controversial senior advisor to Mayor Mike McGinn, has resigned his $110,000-a-year city office.

Earlier this week, PubliCola broke the news that Bushnell lied about his academic credentials.

According to mayoral spokesman Mark Matassa, Bushnell decided to leave the mayor's office (after just over a week in his advisory position) because it had become "difficult for the mayor and because [the controversy] made it difficult for the mayor to accomplish his goals at the city.

"The attention that he was getting was too much. There was too much focus on him and not enough on what the mayor was trying to achieve," Matassa said.

Bushnell was convicted of a felony for bank fraud in 1994, a story we reported during this year's mayoral campaign.

This afternoon, we reported that Bushnell sealed his academic records and falsely claimed to have changed his name.

Bushnell has not returned a call for comment.