Due to Washington State's unique elections system—ballots only need to be postmarked by Election Day—we're not going to know for sure who's winning and who's losing on election night (although we will have a good idea—more on that in a sec). In King County, for example, only 40 percent of the election results will be tallied by 8:15 tomorrow night.

Look at the positive, though: No end-of-the-evening downers at the loser parties, no Charlie Browns walking home at 11 pm, no miserable November 3 hangovers (at least not in local races). Here's a list of 10 feel-good election parties going on around the city tomorrow (for parties without times listed, we recommend showing up sometime after 7:00 pm):

The Washington Democrats are hosting a big election night results-watching party for Sen. Patty Murray at the downtown Westin, 1900 Fifth Ave. The senator will speak, along with Seattle-area Congressional shoo-ins Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott. Gov. Christine Gregoire and U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell will also be hanging around.

The Washington State Republicans are putting on a thing for Dino Rossi and Dave Reichert at 7 pm at the Bellevue Hilton, 300 112th Ave. SE.

The Suzan DelBene campaign will be at the Bellevue Hyatt's Evergreen Ballroom, 900 Bellevue Way NE.

The very busy Protect Washington Ballot Coalition—Yes on 1098 (the high-earners income tax); Yes on Referendum 52 (green retrofits for state schools); No on 1053 (restoring the two-thirds majority rule for tax increases in the state legislature); No on 1082 (the BIAW-sponsored workers' comp privatization measure); and No on 1107 (repealing taxes on candy and pop)—will be at the downtown Westin Hotel, just like the State Democrats. Protect Washington will be downstairs at the Elliott Bay Room.

The campaign against 1100 and 1105 (both of which would privatize liquor sales in Washington State) will be at FX McRory's, 419 Occidental Ave S (right by Safeco Field).

The Yes on 1100 campaign is hosting their party at the Red Door in Fremont, 3401 Evanston Ave. N.

Joe Fitzgibbon, candidate in the fiery race for the State House in the 34th district, is having his party at 7 p.m. the Skylark cafe in West Seattle, 3803 Delridge Way SW. Mike Heavey will be at Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle (h/t West Seattle Blog).

Join the Superfriends—that's PubliCola, the Seattle/King County Municipal League, Seattle Works, the Washington Bus, The Alki Foundation, Seattle CityClub, and more—as results come in at Seattle’s best election-night party. Starting at 5 pm at Twist in Belltown, 2313 1st Ave.

There's an "Election Night Comedy Show" at The Comedy Underground, featuring UW professor Yoram Bauman, who bills himself as "the world's first and only stand-up economist." I wonder if Bauman has any good jokes about high-earners' income taxes. All proceeds go to the ACLU of Washington. At 109 S. Washington St, 8:30 p.m.

Spitfire in Belltown is doing their own election night party, starting at 5 p.m. and running until ten (Spitfire's happy hour is from 4-7 and 9-11 pm). At 2219 4th Avenue.

The Washington Bus is having their election returns party at Moe Bar, 1425 10th Ave, starting at 5 pm.