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Thumbnail for - Bike with Mike
Apr 21, 2010
For Mayor McGinn, who campaigned as the Pedaling Populis, the morning commute is an uphill climb.
Thumbnail for - The Un-Mayor Speaks
Apr 20, 2010
Mike McGinn on youthful idealism, sagging seawalls, rookie missteps, and how the blinkered pundits just don’t see how Seattle is changing.
Thumbnail for - The Last Last Call
Apr 16, 2010
The city ponders extending bar-closing time. Will it make a difference?
Thumbnail for - Hitting a Wall
Feb 16, 2010
The seawall holding back Elliott Bay is crumbling. Mayor McGinn wants voters to approve a $241 million bond to restore it before an earthquake hits and a tsunami swallows downtown.
Thumbnail for - Full Metal Racket
Jan 26, 2010
Seattle’s budget is deep in the red. So why doesn’t the city score full market value on recycled metal?
Thumbnail for - Italy, You're Fired
Jan 25, 2010
Donald Trump on the Trump Blog, posted December 16, 2009, at 2:13am
Thumbnail for - The Wi-Fi of Oz
Jan 22, 2010
Is Mayor Mike McGinn’s dream of municipal wi-fi a viable vision for America’s most techie city?
Thumbnail for - Gorilla Warfare
Dec 14, 2009
Seattle builders try to distance themselves from their parent organization’s heavy-handed ways.
Thumbnail for - Will Work for Quote
Oct 21, 2009
City councilmember Tim Burgess is proposing legislation to quiet Seattle’s most persistent penny petitioners.
Thumbnail for - Heads Up
Sep 17, 2009
While the issue of what to do with the Alaskan Way Viaduct still looms over election day, the more immediate problem is how to protect Seattle residents from fallen debris.
Listing 81 - 90 of 117 Results