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Thumbnail for - Gorilla Warfare
Dec 14, 2009
Seattle builders try to distance themselves from their parent organization’s heavy-handed ways.
Thumbnail for - Will Work for Quote
Oct 21, 2009
City councilmember Tim Burgess is proposing legislation to quiet Seattle’s most persistent penny petitioners.
Thumbnail for - Heads Up
Sep 17, 2009
While the issue of what to do with the Alaskan Way Viaduct still looms over election day, the more immediate problem is how to protect Seattle residents from fallen debris.
Thumbnail for - Exit Mayor, Musing
Sep 15, 2009
As Mayor Greg Nickels exits the political stage, his concession speech has people rethinking the man behind the desk at City Hall and whether we really ever knew him at all.
Thumbnail for - On Track
Aug 13, 2009
Sound Transit’s $2.4 billion light rail launched on July 18, when 51,000 riders took it for an inaugural spin. Here’s what it took.
Thumbnail for - Twelve Things I Learned While Reporting the Election This Summer
Jul 16, 2009
What I learned about Seattle politics from tweeting public forums, City Council meetings, legislative district meetings, press conferences, and campaign kickoffs.
Thumbnail for - Desperately Seeking Susan
Jul 14, 2009
Just who is Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO TV news coanchor leading the race to fill Ron Sims’s King County executive post? Her campaign runs on fame, game, connections—and a flash of indignation.
Thumbnail for - Things That Go Boom
Jun 22, 2009
The Seattle City Council banned fireworks sales in the ’90s, but at the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation’s fireworks emporium, open from late May till early July, the fireworks bans don’t apply.
Thumbnail for - Nickels Reelection Watch
Jun 22, 2009
The Election
Michael McGinn is the only challenger posing a threat to mayor Greg Nickels’s rank as greenest candidate in the November election.
Thumbnail for - Buzz Kill Bills
May 22, 2009
To dig itself out of a $9 billion budget deficit, the state legislature is experimenting with new ways to leech dollars from bars and liquor suppliers.
Listing 91 - 100 of 120 Results