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Thumbnail for - The Movie Seattle Saved
Nov 13, 2009
Thirty years ago, The Stunt Man starring Peter O'Toole was gathering dust in a vault. Its producers hated it and no studio would touch it. Then Seattle audiences made it the star of one of...
Thumbnail for - Atmospheric Disturbances
Sep 21, 2009
Brad Colman and Cliff Mass have clashed for years over who best interprets the mysteries of Northwest weather. Then the biggest snowstorm in decades revealed what’s really at stake.
Thumbnail for - Exit Mayor, Musing
Sep 15, 2009
As Mayor Greg Nickels exits the political stage, his concession speech has people rethinking the man behind the desk at City Hall and whether we really ever knew him at all.
Thumbnail for - Phamily Newspaper
Aug 10, 2009
Two generations of of the Pham family bridge the news business and the Vietnamese community with Northwest Vietnamese News.
Thumbnail for - The Doctor Is In a Fix
Jul 15, 2009
Seattle is a relative bright spot in the health care picture, with better-than-average care, better general health, and lower costs. Martin Cahn—the last primary care doc left in lower Fremont—...
Thumbnail for - Desperately Seeking Susan
Jul 14, 2009
Just who is Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO TV news coanchor leading the race to fill Ron Sims’s King County executive post? Her campaign runs on fame, game, connections—and a flash of indignation.
Thumbnail for - Coming to America
Jun 23, 2009
In a rundown refugee apartment complex in Tukwila a new world city is taking shape, and one teenage girl named Helber Moo—an ambassador for the International Rescue Committee—is at the center of it.
Thumbnail for - Vince Mira Won’t Walk the Line
Jun 23, 2009
Billed as the Second Coming of Johnny Cash, a teenager from Federal Way wowed rock stars, morning news shows, Ellen DeGeneres, and the Cash estate. There’s just one problem: Vince Mira, a regular...
Thumbnail for - Clean Can Be Green
May 22, 2009
Mark Callaghan, owner of green cleaners Blue Sky, is making dry cleaning an earth-friendly business by using nontoxic soap and chemicals, liquid CO2, and biodegradable bags.
Thumbnail for - Spokane’s Rapping Mayor
Apr 23, 2009
Constituent Advisory: Mayoral Lyrics
Spokane mayor Mary Verner shares lyrics from “Coming Together,” which she wrote and performed.
Listing 131 - 140 of 170 Results