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How I Got Here

The Origin of the Salmon Cannon

The CEO of Whooshh Innovations explains how he started at the Gorge Amphitheater and wound up with a fish flinger.

  • By Darren Davis
  • Published 08/03/2015
Seattle skyline lxsvw0


What It Takes to Make It in Seattle

Can you survive in Seattle on a Seattle salary? We polled young workers, each at the beginning of their careers, to find out what “making it” looks like.

  • By Allison Williams
  • Published 03/16/2015
Resume final tozrbt


Doesn't Anyone Want to See My Resume?

Getting a job in Seattle is all about standing out.

  • By Allison Williams
  • Published 03/16/2015
Biotech n927bw

Local Business

Taking the Pulse of Biotech

With the loss of biotech giant Amgen, what’s next for the industry?

  • By Hanna Brooks Olsen
  • Published 10/01/2014
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OMFG It's the PSL!

The pumpkin spice latte got plucked from the dust heap of market research to become a full-fledged fall obsession.

  • By Allecia Vermillion
  • Published 08/25/2014
Rideshare or taxi grpejs


Won't You Be My Driver?

Rideshare companies began popping up in Seattle in 2012, simultaneously exciting customers and enraging competition. And with new regulations taking effect this summer, Seattle has become one of the first cities to address the controversy head on.

  • By Genie Leslie
  • Published 05/01/2014
Tim oneill engineered compost systems x451ze


His Stuff Doesn't Stink

Tim O’Neill and Engineered Compost Systems take the “ick” out of organic waste.

  • By Matthew Halverson
  • Published 04/01/2014
Glazers camera hyxbvn


Glazer’s Camera Is Focused on the Future

As it prepares for a major two-year renovation, the 79-year-old photography store is prepping for a rebirth.

  • By Sam Machkovech
  • Published 03/01/2014
Shopping car cart m2l6po

Ground BNB

Relay Rides Is the Airbnb of Car Sharing

The new startup lets you rent wheels from private owners.

  • By Josh Feit
  • Published 02/01/2014
Seattle hidden jobs qzaais


Cool Jobs Behind the Scenes

The people who make Seattle move—and stop, and park—work their magic behind the scenes.

  • By Seattle Met Staff
  • Published 01/02/2014
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