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Thumbnail for - Prediction: The  Council Will Give in to McGinn on Seawall.
Jan 25, 2010
City Hall
[This was originally posted over the weekend, so we're moving it up.] The Seattle City Council has been openly critical of Mayor Mike McGinn's surprise $241 million seawall bond proposal. Council...
Thumbnail for - Techno-Hippie Triumph
Jan 25, 2010
City Hall
Today's pick: 1. There's an information session tonight at Washington Hall, the historic Central District building that was purchased last year by non-profit developer Historic Seattle (which was...
Thumbnail for - Extra Fizz: City Staff Cuts,
Jan 25, 2010
Morning Fizz
Editor's note. Since we do the Fizz in the early AM, we're a little fuzzy. Inadvertently left out two items this morning's edition: 1. Mayor Mike McGinn's proposal to lay off or reclassify...
Thumbnail for - Campaign Mode
Jan 25, 2010
Morning Fizz
1. Mayor Mike McGinn briefs the City Council this morning on his proposed $241 million sea wall bond proposal. Fizz is hearing reports that there's a robo poll in the field right now on the sea...
Thumbnail for - Hot 25 YO GWM Seeks Dominant Political Party
Jan 25, 2010
I am thinking about getting out of a long term relationship with my current political party and I am ready to start anew with a hot and truly dominant political party. Please no smokers. I know...
Thumbnail for - U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Has No Impact on Washington State Races. Corporations Already Unrestricted Here.
Jan 25, 2010
That Washington
Last week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations and unions to spend freely on independent expenditures did not change the rules governing local races in Washington state. Our rules are...
Thumbnail for - Council Still Skeptical of McGinn's Seawall Plans
Jan 25, 2010
City Hall
Mayor Mike McGinn briefed a skeptical city council this morning on his proposal to put a $241 million bond measure on the May ballot to replace the waterfront seawall. Brandishing a poll by...
Thumbnail for - McGinn Hires Bushnell as Official Advisor
Jan 25, 2010
Mayor Mike McGinn has hired Chris Bushnell, a pollster and longtime advisor on budget and political issues, as an official advisor on "safety net/human service issues and other projects," McGinn...
Thumbnail for - Pot Decriminalization Bill Still Puffing
Jan 25, 2010
This Washington
As PubliCola Olympia correspondent Josh Cohen reported last week in his roundup of bills on the ACLU's radar screen (both good ones and bad ones from their POV), Seattle-area state Sen. Jeanne...
Thumbnail for - Cola on KUOW and KOMO
Jan 25, 2010
PubliCola Adds Life
Can't get enough of the seawall story? Erica was on KUOW's The Conservation with Ross Reynolds this afternoon talking all about it. Listen here. And tune in to KOMO radio tomorrow at 10:25. We'll...
Listing 13171 - 13180 of 16345 Results