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0613 rising star chefs pafxaw

Seattle’s Rising Star Chefs

No, you haven’t heard of these chefs. Yet.

0613 backfence summer i3h8ih

Why Moms Dread Summer

Summer isn’t a day at the beach. It’s the gaping hole in the feminist project.

0613 dining out agrodolce  opener f5mpzs

Certifiably Sweet and Sour

Maria Hines’s third restaurant…when she is good, she is very, very good.

0613 outdoor dining at frolik ocxv0k

Where to Go for a Brand New Patio

Seattle bars and restaurants entice with outdoor seating—bonus points for heaters.

0613 pour morgue turned bar ztr8j8

Scott Carsberg Does Bar Food at the Pine Box

What happens when a James Beard Award–winning chef reinvents the menu at a beer bar? Some of the best pretzels in Seattle, for starters.

0613 news feed g7lgff

News Feed: June

Dining news dispatches from around the city

0613 kedai makan xiekww

Cheapskatin': Kedai Makan

Cheap eats in and around Seattle

0613 homeowners horrors bbm0cg

Homeowners Survival Guide

A survival guide to conquering the mossy, damp, and vermin-related surprises that come with owning a home.

0613 ed note sm update lqc3xk

New and Improved Seattle Met

0613 inbox may cover mxsh6a

The Good Life, The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs, and NBA Votes Against Seattle

Letters to Seattle Met

0613 most wanted shapes opener jp6bfb

SAM’s Future Beauty

A contemporary Japanese fashion exhibit is bathed in Northwest light.

0613 mudroom seattle backyards xfruvx

Kittitas County Fights to Keep Seattle’s Compost Out of Its Backyard

So where do we put all of that smelly organic waste—and should we care who’s affected?

0613 click here for help dghqjd

Casa Latina Makes Ordering Day Labor Easier

The nonprofit’s new online order form is putting more people to work.

0613 biking through appocolypse tdindl

The Disaster Relief Trials Will Prepare Cyclists to Save Us from the Apocalypse

Contestants will navigate a 10-mile trek of obstacles, hills, and water hazards while carrying 100 pounds of supplies.

0613 seattle female mayor ecclbb

Seattle’s Mayoral Race Is Bereft of Legitimate Female Candidates Again

It’s been 75 years since the city has had a female mayor. Why?

0613 perfect party dgzv7h

Perfect Party

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.

0613 mudroom makers haus rkwcah

MakerHaus Makes the Impossible Possible for Wannabe Inventors

The Fremont space offers affordable access to equipment that would be off-limits to one-person operations.

0613 tracy morgan seattle gcvdhm

Tracy Morgan Brings Laughs and Unpredictability to the Neptune

Speaking of Neptune, is it possible the 30 Rock star is from outer space?

0613 mudroom decorate a tree home

How To: Decorate a Tree Home

0613 premium exports sun day blanket ujy2kd

Must-Haves for Fun in the Sun

Our favorite local goodies, gear, and gadgets.

0613 powerlines ed murray ruwpiz

Meet the Challengers: Ed Murray

The Capitol Hill Democrat has plenty of experience in state politics but isn’t well known here in Seattle.

0613 quote unquote judy travis scmtlh

Judy Travis Is the 21st Century Video Star

Seattle’s most prolific vlogger lives her life in front of (and behind) the camera.

0613 style counsel af zcwgvb

Áslaug Fridjónsdóttir, Designer

A conversation with Twin Within accessories designer and Iceland native Áslaug Fridjónsdóttir

0613 7things for every homeowner i8ukxv

7 More Things Every Homeowner Should Know

Such as how to tell if your house needs earthquake retrofitting, how to find a contractor, where you shouldn't be digging, and more.

0613 almost live opener kr19vj

An Oral History of ‘Almost Live’

From Bill Nye the Science Guy to the day the Space Needle collapsed, we recall 15 years of trials and triumphs on the set of Seattle’s Saturday Night Live.

0613 ott opener pnb mcnkbt

Carla Körbes Dances Balanchine in PNB’s Season Finale

The Director’s Choice program features two Balanchine works and a world premiere by Christopher Wheeldon.

0613 story of stu vnwqa8

The Story of Stu Rasmussen, America’s First Openly Transgender Mayor, Now a Musical

Intiman Theatre debuts Stu for Silverton as part of its summer theater festival.

0613 met picks lake union dockers gvnv6u

The Top Things to See or Do in June

World Cup soccer and Tracy Morgan visit Seattle; Bainbridge Island gets an art museum.

0613 ott tocomas bid for domination eswnpe

Tacoma’s Bid for Domination

Our sibling city’s June events calendar rivals some of Seattle’s best offerings.

0613 duck tour lugykp

Insider’s Guide to the Seattle Icons You Thought You Knew

Behind-the-scenes secrets of everything from the Space Needle to the Duck Tour. Remind yourself what the city’s 10 million tourists are just finding out—Seattle is full of surprises.

0613 bad sleepless in seattle headlines fogtl6

'Sleepless in Seattle' Turns 20

'Sleepless in Seattle', every bad headline writer’s go-to inspiration, turns 20 in June. Let’s celebrate with some of the worst (best?) it wrought.

0513 yeolde qq3e57

Tourist Attraction

Curious Things on Display at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Here's where to go when you want your mummy.