7 World Famous

911 E Pike St, Ste 325, Seattle
206-328-3881; worldfamousinc.com
Total Local Employees 15

What They Do
World Famous “is a small (but powerful!) boutique media production agency” that conceives, shoots, and animates clever video promotions for big-name brands like Seattle Sounders FC, Quiznos, Nordstrom, and Nike.

Perks, Praise, and Play Annual days off: 35. Tuition reimbursement. Profit sharing. Subsidized child care. “It’s not unusual for the work to stop in the middle of a project for some fun, a round of Call of Duty 2, or a run up the street for cupcakes. And lunch is on the house every day. Yes, every day someone runs out to pick up lunch for the staff and everyone sits together and eats family style.”

Reasons to Love This Job “World Famous supports its employees’ projects outside of work, whether it’s band practice or wanting to leave early for a day hike. It creates a work setting that feels like a club hangout.”

Hiring? Yes, worldfamousinc.com/contact-information

Communication Channels All employees have to complete a fun “Assignment” (worldfamousinc.com/category/world-famous-assignments/) a month. “The result is that the designers are shooting and editing and the producers are animating, all stretching a little beyond their norm and comfort zone.” It fosters a sense of play that uncovers unknown strengths and generates unplanned interactions among staff.

Benefits Employer pays 100% medical; paternity leave; adoption assistance; lactation facilities

More Time Off Employees can donate time off to fellow employees and earn extra time off for volunteer work.

Average Annual Compensation (Salaried) $64,500

Average Annual Compensation (Hourly) Not Applicable

8 Remote Medical International

4259 23rd Ave W, Ste 200, Seattle
206-686-4878; remotemedical.com
Total Local Employees 30

What They Do
An email from CEO Andrew Cull went out to all available medics around the globe: There’s an emergency on a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. We need someone there—now. “And a guy who works for us, Sandy Fraser, just called up and said, ‘I’m packed up, boss, tell me where to go,’ ” Cull said. “He’d gotten home two or three days before—from Africa—and just jumped on a plane to Mexico for three weeks, sorted out all the paperwork for the accident investigation, and came home for two days before flying back to Africa.”

That drop-everything act of selflessness earned Fraser a Garcia Award, a pat on the back to RMI employees who get the job done without complaint or question. And it’s a big job: RMI specializes in medical and rescue services in remote areas, providing support to clients who might, say, be sailing around the world or climbing the Himalayas. There’s a full-time staff of 24 working out of Seattle’s headquarters, but RMI has rock climbers, mountaineers, flight paramedics, Iraq war veterans, firefighters, and backcountry skiers on call beyond Washington.

Part of the fun (yes, fun) of working for RMI is being a part of its team of world travelers and adventure seekers, a close-knit group that will climb Mount Rainier together in its off hours—or hold Ping-Pong tournaments. The company is a hybrid of a high-performance team and a family. “We have a really fun crew to hang out with,” Cull said, starting to laugh. “Even if they don’t invite the CEO to sushi.”

Perks, Praise, and Play Annual days off: 30. Daily 30-minute exercise break. MS Bike Team, hikes, climbing trips, snowcat/skiing expeditions. Tuition reimbursement. Each employee of the month gets a $200 gift. RMI covers 100 percent of medical, dental, and vision premiums. “Oh, and we have six dogs that rule the office.”

What the Boss Wants “We look for team players dedicated to lifelong learning, who value the mission of the company above the preservation of their own ego. …And comfortably travel to virtually any country in the world with very little notice. You could be in the middle of Jordan or Tanzania or South America, and then be in Antarctica two weeks later.” —Andrew Cull, CEO

Reasons to Love This Job “RMI is a fast-paced and inspiring workplace that has grown quickly, but we are a close-knit group and have kept the small—business, family feel. —Christine Avakian, Director of Integrated Operations

Hiring? Yes, remotemedical.com/About-Us/Employment

Communication Channels RMI uses yammer.com for communication between staff and upper management. Company intranet vaunts employee achievements. Annual all-staff meeting encourages brainstorming, communication, and community.

Benefits 401(k) with employer match; employer pays 100% medical, 100% dental, 100% vision; paternity leave; adoption assistance

More Time Off Employees can donate time off to fellow employees and earn extra time off for volunteer work.

Average Annual Compensation (Salaried) $69,259

Average Annual Compensation (Hourly) $55,486

9Greenfield Advisors

2601 Fourth Ave, Ste 650, Seattle
206-623-2935; greenfieldadvisors.com
Total Local Employees 23

What They Do
For 36 years corporations and governments have hired Greenfield’s real estate appraisers to consult on class-action suits and analyze contaminated property. Greenfield has consulted on cases related to the Exxon Valdez and BP oil spills and Hurricane Katrina.

Perks, Praise, and Play Annual days off: 10. Employees—_and their families_—enjoy 100 percent paid medical, dental, and vision coverage. Extremely flexible workweek. “As long as you get your work done and are here generally at the same time as everyone else, you can set your own hours. In at 6am? Leave at 2:30pm. In at 11am? Work until 7:30.” Tuition reimbursement. Free beverages. Free staff lunch once a month. Bonus.

What the Boss Wants “We’re really looking for very creative intellects (not just high IQs, but the capacity to link their own talents to those around them); a “team work” attitude; and the capacity for significant professional growth. The best new hires approach Greenfield like a very intense graduate school, and expect to grow in their capabilities from one project to the next.” —John A. Kilpatrick, CEO

Reasons to Love This Job “We’re a great group of people, and when it gets stressful we laugh and joke even more. The work we do is fascinating and makes a difference in the world.” —Lisa Mc Sherry, Director of Administration

Hiring? Yes, greenfieldadvisors.com

Communication Channels “We offer an annual survey. Completely anonymous, it allows employees throughout the organization to weigh in on how the company is doing, from communication to teamwork to Benefits.”

More Time Off Employees can donate time off to fellow employees.

Benefits 401(k) with employer match; 100% medical, 100% dental, 100% vision; paternity leave

Average Annual Compensation (Salaried) $102,000

Average Annual Compensation (Hourly) $65,000

Updated April 28, 2011. This version corrects the link originally printed in the May 2011 issue for World Famous’s "Assignments."