Wine Making
60 credits, certificate program
South Seattle Community College

DURATION About two years, part time, including an internship. TUITION $3,500 to $5,800. WHO IT’S FOR Wannabe winery employees, DIY drinkers. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN A lot more about algebra and chemistry than you’d think. Measuring sugar and acid content in grapes (among other fermentation formulas) is a science, so a thorough understanding of numbers-based procedures is a must. But making vino isn’t all lab coats and beakers: After intro classes on wines of the world and viticulture, you’ll get to produce your own vintage, from picking grapes to bottling. GETTING STARTED Call 206-764-7942 or visit But sign up soon; although you can still enroll in intro classes for the winter quarter that begins January 4, the waiting list for production classes already stretches to 2011.


Professional Massage Therapy
56.5 credits, diploma program

Cortiva Institute

DURATION Nine months. TUITION $11,200; financial aid is available. WHO IT’S FOR Hopeful healers, burned-out cubicle drones in search of human interaction. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN The real meaning of “hands-on experience.” After note-jotting lecture classes on anatomy, physiology, and pathology, students not only work with each other to stretch and massage the muscles they just studied, they also knead knots out of clients at Cortiva’s public massage clinic. The institute even coaches grads on how to launch a business, but the biggest lesson is in how to effect positive change in the lives of others. GETTING STARTED Call 206-282-1233 or visit ­; fall quarter starts October 5, and winter quarter starts January 11.


Sustainable Business
15 credits, certificate program
City University

DURATION Four and a half to 14 months. TUITION $8,832; financial aid is available. WHO IT’S FOR Green-leaning business leaders, eco-savvy corporate climbers. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN That today’s bottom line is equal parts profit, people, and planet. If businesses want to go green (and grow good PR), they need shepherds of good stewardship who know where to start and how to market their earth-friendly approach. (In other words, sustainability equals job opportunities.) CityU’s new program, which can be rolled into a full MBA, focuses on everything from understanding carbon credits to analyzing sustainable business plans. GETTING STARTED Call 888-422-4898 or visit; the winter quarter starts January 1.